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The Smoky Mountain Mall has been ranked highly in Google and other major search engines for nearly 14 years. With nearly 3,000 unique visitors looking daily for lodging accommodations, good places to eat and fun things to do, you should consider advertising your product or service in these pages. If you need more highly-targeted traffic to your website, the Smoky Mountain Mall is the place to be. Most site visitors are using search terms like "smoky mountain cabins", "smoky mountain cabin rentals", "pigeon forge", "gatlinburg", "attractions", "gatlinburg hotels", and "gatlinburg cabin rentals". If you are seeking to be found under these terms in Google, then give our ad sales representative a call or click on one of the "Advertise Here" banners below to email us. The Smoky Mountain Mall website is ranked on the first page of Google, Yahoo and MSN (which collectively account for about 95% of all searches).


Advertise your Smoky Mountain business--it truly does pay off. Smoky Mountain Mall has high visibility in the major search engines that your website may not have. If you need more traffic to your website--and who doesn't--your business can benefit from the additional exposure necessary to bring in that 1 or 2 reservations or customers daily that will make the difference in struggling to break even in this economy, or making your business pay the way you expect or hope for.

Smoky Mountain Mall
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  Smoky Mountain Mall
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Advertising dollars are limited and you need to focus your budget on what really pays dividends in the way of traffic that converts to paying customers. How can you be sure to properly apply ad dollars? Here are some tips: Go to Google (it does account for 75% of ALL searches in the search engines) and search on the keyword or phrase you want to be found under. For example, try searching "gatlinburg" and you'll find that The Smoky Mountain Mall shows up at #4 (as of April 18, 2009).

Wondering where to spend your scarce ad dollars? A few tips: Check your "stats". Stats (or statistics) are summaries of how many unique visitors are coming to your site, what search terms they used to get there, and where they came from. Let's focus on where they came from for a minute. Look at the list of "referring urls". Is the site you are paying for traffic listed there? How does it compare with other referrals. Is the rate you are paying justified? If you know your conversion rate (how many visitors it takes to convert to a paying reservation, for example), you can easily determine whether the ad link is working. Are you getting a straight html link from the ad site to your site? If not, you are losing part of the benefit of purchasing ad links, because Google rewards good html links with better rankings for your website. At Smoky Mountain Mall, we provide a direct html hyperlink straight to your site. Another tip: When a vendor sells you traffic, are they talking "hits" or "unique visitors"? There is a big difference. Learn what the difference is, plus a lot of other things to consider when determining where to place your ad dollars. Call us at the number below or email us (see below).

How to know which search terms to look under for the most traffic? It's exactly what you might think people search on! If someone is looking for a "smoky mountain cabin" or "smoky mountain cabin rental", then they are likely using those search terms. Just for your edification, try those terms in Google and see what sites come up that accept ad dollars to push traffic to your site. Not surprisingly, you will find The Smoky Mountain Mall on the first page of the search results at positions #7 and #2, respectively. While you are there, verify whether the site you currently paying for advertising on is there. If it isn't, you might consider changing your advertising strategy to The Smoky Mountain Mall. Contact us now! Phone: 865-246-8904 Email:

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