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Cherokee Indians

We do have a great selection of information on the Smoky Mountain Mall site about Cherokee Indian History. We try to add new information all the time. Today we were given a tidbit of personal information about one of the Cherokee.

The message is from a side you rarely get in a book.

Here was our visitors comments about her life as a Cherokee Indian:

There is no reason why I would be ashamed of my heritage, so I thought I would comment on your pages about the Cherokee Indians. I am proud that I am part Cherokee and am very interested in the heritage and all the Cherokee history. The older I get it seems the more important the Cherokee Indian history becomes to me. I've never told much of my story about my grandmother being mistreated, but I have mentioned too many that a big part of me is Cherokee!

Very interesting site to read containing important information about the mistreatment of our Cherokee brothers and sisters. My mother's father's mother was full blooded Cherokee, but I can't prove it. He was a renegade and left home at a very young age and somehow ended up in Sylacauga, Alabama and married my grandmother, Emma. He mistreated her, and after 10 girls and one boy, the towns men kick him out of town. As I called him "Pop," he later moved in with us for a short period after mom married my dad. I was about 2 years old (around 1950) at the time and my sister was 5 years older. We lived in Childersburg, Alabama. He was a alcoholic at the time and later had to leave.

When I was older we had been to see him in a low income housing development in Sylacauga, Alabama, and I remember him very well. He was tall and had very very high cheek bones. He had a big laugh and was fun to be around. He had always loved me very much and spoiled me. He said I was just like my mama and she was his pick out of the 10 girls and 1 boy. We lived in Birmingham, Alabama at that time.

When he was dying in the hospital (around 1958,) in Sylacauga, he continued to call for mama. He had five daughters who lived in town and we lived 50 miles away in Birmingham but he wanted my mama. She went to him and stayed night and day in the hospital, alone, for weeks until he went on to live with Jesus. I have always wanted to find out more about the Cherokee tribe and maybe learn something about my relatives, but to no avail have hit a brick wall every way I went. His name was Clarence Wood. I don't know how he got Wood unless his dad was a Wood.

Thanks for posting such important information for those of us wanted to read about how the Cherokee Indians lived and had to survive after the people from other countries came and took our land. At the time it was the illegal aliens who took the land from us. We fought to protect our rights, our freedom and our land but to no avail it was a useless battle against the incoming settlers.

Delia Wood Farris Holloway
Now and forever in Alabama


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Carolyn Lawson:

My grandfather was George Lawson and He was married to Maud Lane. They were both Cherokee Indians and I am proud of them and my heritage. I would love to have any information on the Lane family that traveled out west and also of the family at Cherokee Reservation. I do Know his life was short due to some one taking his life.

Heather S. Foster:

hello, my name is Heather Foster. I too am cherokee indian. I am darn proud of it too ^^ n e ways I know little to nothing about my heritage... my grandfather and father passed away before i had the chance to get to know n e thing. my grandfather lived in west virginia and worked in a cole mind. i wish i knew more but i sadly dont... is there n e place where you know of that i can look up family historys??


I am full cherokee myself but I understand ur languge. I can read ur languge 2. I like how u tell about my tribe and how we had to leave our land. Thank u 4 understanding how we feel.

Elaine Hawkins:

I'm searching for where my grandpa might have been born and who is parents (my great grandparents) where. I've always been told that I a part Indian, and I'm trying to gather information that can prove this.

I've been told that my grandpa was born on a Indian Reservation outside Hattiesburg, MS. Also when my great-grandpa would come to visit he always arrived riding a big white horse from the reservation.

So far I have not been able to locate a reservation outside Hattiesburg, MS. My grandpa was born in '1904' as close I can tell. Was there a reservation around at that time? If so, where can I find information on it?

Thank you - Elaine

Laura Tierney:

I am also half Cherokee. I am very proud!!! I have tried to find information on my grandmother and grandfathers background also. Her name was Nellie Minor Crumpler and his name was Clyde Crumpler. I do not know where the Crumpler name came from, but they were both full blooded Cherokee Indian. All of the older generation in my family have gone to live with Jesus and I now have no one to discuss this with. My father only had 1 sister and she died at the age of 9, so I never knew her. I only know that her name was Nancy and she died of whooping cough many, many years ago. I am not even sure where she is buried, I only know that she was laid to rest in Milan Georgia. My father never could take us back there and my grandmother would not talk about her or her death. I would love to be able to find out about my heritage.


My Great Mamaw was Cherokee.Her mothers name was Sarah Hart.My great mamaw was Amanda Elizibeth Hart.I think her fathers name was John Hart.She remembered coming from Virginia ,as a child.Her parents spoke Cherokee,and My father remembered this as a child.They now reside in Eastern Kentucky.I would like to have some information,but it is not a necesary,as I know who ,and where I came from.I do not need a validation as I feel it in my soul.I am proud from the strong people that are my ancestors.

Winnona Hartwick:

I am also half cherokee and very proud of it. I would be interested in anyone who could help me learn more of my national hertiage. It would be my pleasure to hear from anyone. My great-grand father John T. Bass was a cherokee indian on the Oklahoma Reservation. If anyone has any idea on cherokee language I would love to learn.


Winnona Hartwick


My ancestors from my grandmother's side is Irish/Cherokee. When she passed away I got one of the family tree books which went all the way back to the 1700's. At one point she talked about two Irish brothers who came to America on a boat and one of them married a princess cherokee which was the daughter of Chief White Horse. Does anyone know any more information on this, if so PLEASE contact me.

Terri L Jackson terriljackson@bellsouth.net

Timothy Tomko:

I heard a segment on National Public Radio Yesterday speaking of the Lumbee Indians of North Carolina. I immediately went to the NPR website to review the information as a recap, not being entirely convinced that what I heard was truly realized as I listened. The comment was made by a Michelle Hicks of the Eastern Cherokee people. He spoke of the Lumbee as a false Native American people. As people obviously not from the west although in search of some sort of monetary benefit for being native. I am a lumbee Indian living in Connecticut. I am appalled by what I heard this man say. Our ancestors suffered the same difficulties assimilating to western ways. This mans comments reminded me of a politicians attitude towards anyone different from himself with only his own interests close to heart. Although the origins of the Lumbee are illusive and unclear the fact remains... We did not come from the western world. If we did intermix with people of European decent then why is our skin not white. So what If we adopted the European ways before you did. What sort of shelter do you live in Mr. Hicks? What sort of transportation moves you from place to place? My point in writing this comment is to let Mr. Hicks know that as far as my people are concerned he is no different than the people who took our lands and our heritage in an effort to gain a little more for themselves without truely understanding the nature of our being. Granted we had our differences between tribes, but to hear this man say that his people are and we are not simply because we say we are leads me to only one conclusion... This man speaks with the same false toungue spoken by the ones who took without asking, displaced without giving, and promised without resolution or conviction. Let's face it my friend you speak with the same southern drawl as my people who live in poverty. For you to think that you are entitled and we are not because some record of your past has survived the years and ours was lost is no different than some man of law setting the guilty free based on some technicality. You should feel ashamed to have made such comments. You have struck a nerve in this Indian and I will not let this rest until I hear a reasonable unselfish response from you personally.
A Lumbee Indian from Maxton North Carolina.

Theresa Kippers:

I am of Cherokee decent and may be of Black as well. If you look at me and my twin sister, you would see more Cherokee Indian in us than you would black. My sister and I have been looking for several years for people in the Cherokee nation that may be of relation to us. We know of a Cherokee male who stands a little above 7 ft and has long curly hair. He wears a mustache and beard. We believe that he and our mother, Doris Lee Pittman were together before she became a Kippers by marrying a black man. This Tall Cherokee man has 11 brothers and 12 sisters and they all look alike. Even their parents are yet living. None of these people look their ages. All of them are tall like him. He goes by the first name and middle initial, Stephen J. I don't know nor do I have a clue what his last name is or how it is spelled. It is a Cherokee Indian last name. We know that this person is yet in the land of the living. He is yet alive and doing very well. It is possible that he is a pastor of a very large Native American Pentecostal church somewhere out in the western part of the US. I know a couple of his brother's first names. Timothy, Lenny, Gary, Herbert, and Henry just to name a few of them. He also has sisters that go by the first names Claire, Rebecca just to name a few of them. Stephen has three living daughters, the oldest one goes by the name Rhonda Kippers/Green who stays in North Chicago IL. One of his twin daughters by the name Theresa Kippers who now lives in Horn Lake MS and the other twin stays in Charlotte NC. The oldest doesn't know anything about him so she would be very hard to convince. But the other two have came to accept him as their biological father and hoping to one day meet up with him again if he will receive them with open arms. They have already accepted him. There were some things that happened that should not have taken place. We feel as though we were adopted illegally. It’s possible that Stephen J's name had been forged on some legal adoption papers so that it would look as though he had willfully given up his own children. We know for a solid fact this this was not true. We even know about the kidnappings and the attempt to hire people to kill him so that we would never get to know him. Need I say more? If you see him or any one of his family members tell them to contact me immediately by phone or by email.
Theresa Kippers
901-215-4129 theresakippers1@yahoo.com


I am of Cherokee blood also, and I'm trying to get any information on my fathers grand parent which are full blood cherokee. Her name is Simmazina Missouri Horton. What I'm looking to find out is,is she on the rolls are not. I can't find out anything. If anyone can help on this I really would appreciate it.



my great-grandmother was full cherokee. Her parents were killed and she was adopted. She was born about 1864 in ohio. Her adopted name was Mary E. Bryant. When she married she went by the name Marie Bunn. They must of moved to Tennessee where my grandma was born. If anyone knows where i can find information on indiana adoptions i would appricate it. Thanks.

harold lee owens:

there are alot of people i know in southern w.va who have cherokee blood but we are the forgoton people we are not native american and we are not white.

Peggy Ann Nichols:

Does any one know any thing about the cherokee tribe in the oklahoma, arkansas territory, 1940's . walker family. norma or francis.

Peggy Ann Nichols:

my grandmother was full blooded cherokee, gave birth to norma and francis on the reservation. Please help.

Alberta Wood Hartman:

Hi. This is for Delia Wood Farris Holloway,
Hi I was just reading what you have written. My family history is very important to me. I too have questions as anyone would. The thing is my grandfathers name was also Clarence(Pete) Wood. He married a lady named Lola Marie Hart. She was Cherokee also. I am wanting to know if maybe we may or could be related in some way. I know names are most common now a days. I am in Illinois, I live in northern part. He was also very tall with high cheek bones and was very strong. He use to do logging, I remember pictures my grandmother had. I never knew my granddad. Nice to know others out there are interested in who they are, always in spirit and soul. Alberta

Catherine Ewart:

My grandmother was full blooded idian and I have her TB, which the american indians are carriers, to show for yet we cannot prove it. Is that not enogh proof? It's ridiculous when the cherokee are sitting pretty all around us but fell to share any of the Harrahs money to the people who can't prove it. I have always been proud that my grandmother was full blooded indian until I went up there to see if I couldn't get my family started with the money off Harrahs. After that I was so ashamed to be any part of their tribe. I'm sure my grandmother was not like that, neither is my mom. They are crude and very much so tight on their money. It makes me even prouder to have a good father who is all white.


my name is chester i live in france and im born in to.my grand father is charles alton ceehorne he's born in 1907 in brooklyn ny i search evidences from my origine because every persons who's know my grand father say you are cherokee please help me in my search.

je m'appel chester je suis né et je vis en france mon grand pere s'apelle charles alton ceehorne et il serai de la nation cherokee et je cherche des preuves de ceci pour enfin demander a etre reconnu par la nation indienne aider moi dans ma recherche s'il vous plait

Catherine Ewart:

My mother is 1/16th american Indian or black and I am looking for information on my grandmother. Her name was Mary Alice Gibson Dills and I have a great grandfather by the name John Wesley Gibson. She had died before I was born so I didn't know her. She died from some kind of female cancer but I believe she died from TB. My mother says she might have been adopted. My mother would love to hear from her family or siblings. If anyone would happen to know of anyone who does work at finding information I would appreciate hearing from them. My mother is also eligible to receive the money coming from the gambling casino but she can't prove how much indian she has in her blood.

sharon sell:

Hi I'm in search for on my Great-grandmother. We that she was in the Trail of tears. Her Cherokee Indain name was Jennie Twinann. My grandmother died when my father was about eight,so he did not talk about her too much. I did know that they recieve some kind of money for being a Indian. I would love to get in contact with someone that has more information about this family. There are several of my family trying to make the connection. We just keep hitting dead ends. I do know she came Ponotas Arkansas. I also know John Hart he was my grandfather. He came from virginia and moved to Clinton,Mo.


This post is for anyone who is a Lumbee Indian . I want to know if the Lumbee are recognized as one of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians or are they a seperate tribe all together and have no Cherokee Hertiage in them what so ever . I am trying to find this out for a friend who is supposedly Cherokee Indian but has also been told that her family may have followed the Lumbee Indian Ideas . Would this make them a non - eastern band of the Cherokee or would they still be considered to be Cherokee after all ?
Any and all help is greatly appreciated .

Sincerely ,

michael cowan:

I am from Cherokee decent and i want to know how to find out about my grandma . Can you or any onne help me please .

I would like to know all I can on this .

thank you
michael cowan

christian seus:

The following 12 posts were deleted and are now being reposted from back up

My name is Sandra Allmon, and I am part Cherokee too. I am proud of my heritage. My ancestors came from Smith County, Tennesse, and settled here in South West Missouri. I am kin to James T. Allman and General Nathaniel Greene. Please help me find out more about these proud people and the heritage I came from. Since I am working on a novel set in the Smokies.
Sincerely yours,
Sandra Allmon
Posted by sandra allmon | December 15, 2006 1:15 PM

Pattie Knudson:
I am in the search of anyone who maybe able to help. I am tring to find information about my mothers family. She left when I was young and I know nothing about her or her family.
Her name was Edith Rains and she was married to Henry Charles Minton and had five childern,they were divorce and she remarried a man name Gene Jones and had two more children.
I was told very little about her other than that my grandparents were cherokee and that they died when my mother was young. If anyone can help me find my mothers side please e-mail me at pattieknudson@comcast.net
Posted by Pattie Knudson | December 25, 2006 8:54 PM

Ms. Sabrina E. North:
To Whom It May Concern, February 23,2007
My Grant Grand Father may been a Cherokee
Indian from Tennessee. I not prositive. His
name was William Kendarick Arnold. He died
at a young age. All his records and pictures
was burn in a house fire. Can you help me out,
or let me know where to go to check it out.
He was not talk about after his death. I would
love to know about him and where he came from.

Ms. Sabrina E. North
Posted by Ms. Sabrina E. North | February 23, 2007 5:51 AM

David A. Jenkins:
I am searching for anyone who can help me prove that my great grandmother, Ellen Russell, born 1859 is a full blooded Cherokee. Her brothers, Linns Russell and Andrew Russell, who was suppose to have married Sequoyah's daughter, Polly. All the Russells lived in Hawkins Co.,Mooresburg, Tennessee. They are not listed on the Baker Roll. Anyone who has any information can email me at davjenki8@comcast.net.
Posted by David A. Jenkins | March 12, 2007 9:42 PM

I am part Cherokee. My mothers father mother and fathter where full blooded cherokee. In no way am I ashamed of who I am. I'm proud of it and everyone I meet ask if I'm part indian. I have high cheek bones as well, dark black hair and some what dark skinned. I've been trying to find more out about who I am and my ansestors so I'll be able to pass it down to my own children, but I haven't been able to find anything. My great grandparents
lived in Virgina. I remember my mom telling me she found alot of arrow heads on their land. I never got to meet them, they died long before I was born.
Posted by Melinda | March 21, 2007 4:22 AM

Posted by WANDA THOMAS PIRKLE | April 13, 2007 7:57 PM

Charles F. Moore-Bryan Jr.:
My name is Charles Moore, and just found out recently that my grandfather was Cherokee Indian. His name was Guy Wesley Underdown; I've been trying to find out more about him. If anyone has ever heard of this man please contact me at the e-mail address listed.
thegospeltruthministry@hotmail.com. He was from a town located near Newport News, Tennessee. Thank you, for any information that you can pass along !
Posted by Charles F. Moore-Bryan Jr. | May 7, 2007 11:22 PM

Carolyn Lawson:
My grandfather was George Lawson and He was married to Maud Lane. They were both Cherokee Indians and I am proud of them and my heritage. I would love to have any information on the Lane family that traveled out west and also of the family at Cherokee Reservation. I do Know his life was short due to some one taking his life.
Posted by Carolyn Lawson | May 20, 2007 6:56 PM

Heather S. Foster:
hello, my name is Heather Foster. I too am cherokee indian. I am darn proud of it too ^^ n e ways I know little to nothing about my heritage... my grandfather and father passed away before i had the chance to get to know n e thing. my grandfather lived in west virginia and worked in a cole mind. i wish i knew more but i sadly dont... is there n e place where you know of that i can look up family historys??
Posted by Heather S. Foster | May 22, 2007 2:50 PM

I am full cherokee myself but I understand ur languge. I can read ur languge 2. I like how u tell about my tribe and how we had to leave our land. Thank u 4 understanding how we feel.
Posted by bluemoon | June 2, 2007 9:38 PM

Elaine Hawkins:
I'm searching for where my grandpa might have been born and who is parents (my great grandparents) where. I've always been told that I a part Indian, and I'm trying to gather information that can prove this.

I've been told that my grandpa was born on a Indian Reservation outside Hattiesburg, MS. Also when my great-grandpa would come to visit he always arrived riding a big white horse from the reservation.

So far I have not been able to locate a reservation outside Hattiesburg, MS. My grandpa was born in '1904' as close I can tell. Was there a reservation around at that time? If so, where can I find information on it?

Thank you - Elaine
Posted by Elaine Hawkins | July 9, 2007 4:48 PM


My grandmother whose name was Annie Walker,Green, Proctor, the mother of my father Roosevelt Proctor. My grandmother Annie Walker was the daughter that we were always told was an Cherokee indian chief. I don't have any proof or his name. Do you have any information about the cherokee indian clans in Louisiana. Probably N. Louisiana, N of Natchez Mississippi.

I am having a cultural fair in Los Angeles and would like some background on my Cherokee Indian heritage.


Trying to research info on an Anna Brown Cargle born in Pickens County, Georgia. Parent's names: Father- Joe Brown and Mother- D. K. No luck any other sites further than getting Anna's Mother's initials; who was suppose to be Cherokee. So I keep looking at all the sites where people ask questions.

Connie Skaggs woodruff:


I know my grandmother Lora & her twin sister ,orie lived in Huntville,Arkansa.They were full blood Cherokee, Any way thats what we were alwas told, they were quilters and was featured in the Arkansa Gazzet, with a govener over 30 to 40 years ago.
She Was married to (Herman) Skaggs,I think! Who My Father,( Who is now deceased )James Freeman Skaggs, said was part cherokee, After Her husband (Herman Skaggs ) death she married again to A ---- Harris. So When she Died She was A Harris.I know we are related to Ricky Skaggs becouse he contacted us years ago when he was doing family research. Id like to be able to purchase the family book but dont know where to find it.He contacted my family, about where to purchase A copy , but I never got the information and its long been lost. Anyway any information about the cherokee side of our family or any other information will be greatly appreciated.

Connie Skaggs woodruff

mary tyson:

I am part Cherokee. My mothers father Mother and Fathers where full blooded Cherokee. In no way am I ashamed of who I am. I'm proud to be a Cherokee Indian and everyone I meet ask if I'm part Indian. I have high cheek bones as well, dark black hair and some what dark skinned. I've been trying to find more out about who I am and my Ancestor's so I'll be able to pass it down to my own children, I haven been able to find anything. My great grandparents
lived in Virginia.

JL Hubbard:

Yesterday I just found out that my Great Grandmother Laura (Warden) Roberts was a full-blood Cherokee Indian, making me 1/8 Cherokee. I always knew that my ancestors were from TN. but never knew of the Indian Connection.

It seems my family has a heritage after all.

Where can I begin to find out more information of the history of the tribes located in TN. Also, I've heard about benefits, etc... allotted by the Government to decendants of Native Americans. I now have two small children and want to learn what I can so that I can teach them.

mary tyson:

I am also Cherokee. I am very proud!!! I have tried to find information on my grandmother and grandfathers background also. I do not know but they were both full blooded Cherokee Indian. All of the older generation in my family have gone to live with Jesus and I now have no one to discuss this with.I do know that My Grant Grand Father may been a Cherokee
Indian from Tennessee


Trying to find out if my grandmother was Cherokee Minnie Mayhugh

Janet Mikas:

I am trying to find out information about Cherokee Indians with the last name of Eldridge. They would have lived in Tennessee.

Please contact me at mikaspenguin@aol.com if you have any info on that family. Pleae put Eldridge in the subject line.
Janet Mikas


I am Cherokee, and so proud of our people! To that one person up there who said she can understand English...um, no duh. All of us understand English. You sound like a white-girl poser to me. Not that I have anything against white people. A lot of my friends are white, and they are great. It's just the ignorant ones I can't stand. Cherokee people have spoken English fluently for the past 150 years.

Also, for those who were asking, the Lumbee are not considered part of the Cherokee in any way.

Rico Lloyd:

Please email me info about the cherokee and blackfoot indian tribes as I come from this heritage. It is the origin of my maternal grandparents from the North Carolina region.

james sears (siers):

The last two years i have researched my heritage to learn as much as i can about my heritage. I too am proud to be cherokee and blackfoot. i have established my heritage on my fathers side but am in the process of establishing my mothers side. If any one can help i am looking for information on the barfields from central georgia my grandfathers name was Robert Warren Barfield his father was BOSSF from Finnylson Ga. Bossf was full blooded cherokee any information will help greatly thank you
v tsi tsa la
snow fox or james

james sears (siers):

this goes with previous post about the barfields from central ga. my email is as follows tsitsalagi@yahoo.com

Nancy Grider:

I am cherokee indian decent, I am looking for my grandmothers people. My grandmother was from portsmouth ohio. Her name was Dora Mae Mosley. The last name was use to be spelled moseley. She had 12 brothers. If anyone know's anything about these people it would be greatly appreciated if they were to contact me.Thanks

Daphne James:

My name is Daphne James and I am trying to find out about my great grandmother whom family members say was a full blooded Cherokee. My granny was born in Raleighly, NC. on April 13, 1919. She use to tell me that she was one of 13 children. I saw pictures of my great grandmother sitting on a porch with long black hair that she wore in 2 braids with some kind of colorful band around her forehead. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Monica Ortegon-Hernandez:

Is there anyone who knows about the land in Georgia that was given back to the Cherokee right before the trail of tears? I saw a PBS special that said the local government enforced vigilanty action in forcing the Cherokee out even after this Supreme Court ruling. If the ruling is in the books, that means that we can reclaim our land. I am not a lawyer but would be able to volunteer countless hours in hopes of regaining what is lawfully and rightfully that of the Cherokee Nation. Please email any responses.... monicaritchie@yahoo.com

Jennifer Simon:

I am part Cherokee. My great great grandpa was the chief indian.

Nelda Robinson:

I am only part cherokee but I might as well be full-blooded. Because the love and admiration I have for my ancestor's people is great. It hurts me knowing how the white people lied and stole as if it was okay because the Indians were worthless. And not just the Cherokee were treated with this great disrespect. All tribes were taught that the white man could not be trusted. So from the white blood that is in me, I apologize for what my ancesters did to the Great Cherokee Nation. Sincerely, Nelda Robinson

Amanda M:

hey people how r u? im just getting information on the cherekee indens there are great!! i think it realy kool so well i got 2 be going if aney one gets information contact me at amandamarcotteAnglebaby@yahoo.com


cherokee indians rock


ok does anyone have some imformation on cherokee indians from washington?


I am told that my grandmother was 1/2 Cherokee and therefore my great grandfather was full blood Cherokee. I know nothing other than my grandmothers maiden name was Rust. She lived in Henderson, KY the last of her years. She was born 9-17-1884 and died 1-17-1963. She had a brother by the name of Luther Rust that also lived in Henderson, KY. He has died before I knew of him being my grandmothers brother. I don't even know when he died.

If there is anyone that knows of Mary Ollie Rust Blane Powell and her brother Luther Powell both of Henderson, KY please contact me at glndgibson@yahoo.com

wish i were more CHEROKEE:

I would like to find a place where I could out more about my great grandmother.Henrietta Snell. They tell me she was an Cherokee Indian medicine woman. I am honored to claim her as part of my heritage.


Since money is involved it has become increasingly harder to trace family past to present for many. I am lucky, my grandmother Gahaw (Hattie Storey Bunn) told me much about her family, I've reconised some of the family names in these posts. I sat under the kitchen table when we were in North Carolina listening to my elders talk of the old days. Hattie was Cherokee and Irish, names like Storey, Cayce, Parker, Maude, Nanny Maude, Alfious, etc.. She is buried in Ahoskie North Carolina next to my grandpa who died of tb at age 36, Benjamin Eugene Bunn. Every year we went #home# to the Great Smokies--I remember so many realtives who are all gone now, but, still I remember them,. My mother acted ashamed that we were part native, until my uncle, Jimmie Bunn, took two carloads of us to meet a cousin who worked in Norfolk, Va at a cardealership--Buick I think--His name was Johnny (I think) Vann--I've never tried to trace any of this, I have no doubt my Gahaw's stories and songs were exactly as her mother taught her and her motherbefore her and on--she would dream of bears at night and cry out in her sleep. I learned that as a child she had been afraid of the black bears near her home in NC.OK, so I could go on and on--but, here's what I can share with you--many of us were displaced during the Trail of Tears. My grandmother had family who stayed and family who left and died on the way. It was a true effort then, (and continues even today of the US government to culturely #cleanse# away many Native tribes. But, survival is something the people know about and it's in our blood--so look out!!! we're still here. I was about six years old and walking with my grandmother on a hillside deep in Pisagh territory.When we got to the top the beauty of what she showed me will never leave me, before us stood in the distance a mountain, clouded in #smoke# and Gahaw said to me, #girl never forget who you are, no matter how poor our people were and still are, this is the land God chose for us, and it is said He was born in that mountain right over there!!!# Life gets rough for us all, some worse than others, but, still there is grace in humanity, and to all of you who search, I wish you luck, happiness, and peace of mind that your ancestors are watching you and are smiling. Gahaw called me Lily Whiteflower and I am proud to be of Cherokee blood, no matter how much or how little

Brittany Berry:

I am told that i am related to the Wolf family, my great grand-parents were full blooded cherokee. That only makes me a little bit not much but i am interested in my heritage. If anyone knows of my wolf family or any Berry's id like to hear from you.


I am turning 15 this year in October and I have known for some time that I have some Cherokee blood in me along with Blackfoot. I would like it if someone could show me a way to trace my ancestry somehow, because I am very interested in knowing who I am, and who my ancestors were.

Dennis McBroom:

My great Grandmother on my mother side was full blooded Cherokee and my Great Grandmother on my father side was full blooded Choctaw.Trying to find out more about both tribes?

rose couch wiggins:

I would like info on eli couch and mary ellenour napier couch . john farmer smallwood


This was my first visit to this site and I must say, glad and saddened both. I don't have any Indian blood, but I have lived in the shadows of the great Smokey Mountains all my life.
Life in the mountains is not an easy life and not a life that all people choose.


Hi My name is kelsie I am 1/8 of a Cherokee Indian!!!! and I'm proud of it I never have know my real granparntes.Put my mom told me I got my granmaw.And I'm glad I got the wild with in my blood!!!!!!!!!


I am 20 years old from Texas, and my great-great grandma was a full-blood Cherokee from the eastern band, I think. All I know about her is what my grandma told me, which wasn't very much. But my grandma looked a whole lot like an indian herself. My skin is more white, and I wish I looked more indian. My sister is 6 years younger than me, and she looks more indian than I do!


to Jan, lucky you, to have grown up in Great Smokies--I'm not looking for $$, and have refused to go that route, none the less, I am part Cherokee, very proud of that, and I encourage anyone who seeks info about their elders,for some it could mean the difference of understanding their own idenity,or being lost without knowing their proud heritage. I grew up dirt-poor, and I'm proud of that too, and I speak several languages, including 4 Native languages, but, I'm an old half-breed, not really Indian, not really white, try that on for size. My Grandparents had 2nd grade educations, but, I was lucky was sent away to school--please don't judge until you understand--May you walk in Beauty Always, Susie



hey thank you for this web site it has been a lot of help to me.


this is really good info
it really help me with my project.

<3 mercy
love ya=)

James Clarence Huddleston:

My mother says that I have only a "tea cup" of Cherokee in me. But that is the source of my pride and good medicine. My family name can be traced in England prior to 1066 and the Norman invasion. However, I always chose to play the Indian and yelled for the Indians in movies. To this day, my "tea cup" is my pride and guides me in the decisions that I make.

Being from Tennessee, I have always hated Andrew Jackson and I hope he is still burning in Hell.

I am looking for a good idea for a Cherokee tatto. If you have any ideas, please forward them to me.

Graciously yours,

Jim "Tea Cup" Huddleston

Judy Burghardt:

Hi everyone, I am searching for information about James H. Stokes, born July 11, 1833, and Mary Jane Helms born June 2, 1841. They were my great-great grandparents. He was a Cherokee and she was Choctaw. They are both buried in Polk cemetary near Centerpoint, Ark. Mary's father's name was Emanuel Helms. James died April 4, 1910 and Mary died July 10, 1881. Any information about them please email me at judynlee@yahoo.com
Judy Burghardt
P.O.box 632
Georgetown, CA. 95634

Lexie E. Parker:

I am told I have Cherokee bloodline in me. How can i prove this?

Janet Minter:

I am looking for information on my great, great great grand mother who was said to be cherokee. Her name was Hettie Webb House. Her mother was Sarah Webb. She and my grand father married around 1909. Does anyone know of this family. I would be very interested in finding records of them. thank you My email is Jasmnt@valornet.com Janet

Julia Masloski:

I'm Julia. I am a relative of the Cherokee tribe, but I don't know anything about my families heritage. I would really like to learn their language, but it's really hard for me to learn because I don't know exactly what the words wold look or sound. I wrote the alphabet, but... nope! nothin in my nogg'n. (lol) I would really like to learn about the Cherokee ways, and esspecially meet some. I know some Natives from the Blackfoot tribe, what's odd is that none of my Native friends (or me) get poison ivy. But I would really like to get a hands-on approach to this. E-mail me about what sites are good for me to learn from please!!!


im looking to see how much cherokee my children have from each side of there greatgrandfathers alvin foster and donald hinton thank you dupuis534@yahoo.com


Hi my name is Allie iam cherokee to! As soon as i found outI was cherokee I started looking on the internet for things about cherokee.Then i found out that I was going to learn about cherokee in my school!I lerned a lot about cherokee. my great gandma was full booded cherokee.I would love to learn more about cherokee.


my mom said i'm cherokee and seneca, but how can i prove it?

Rachel McClure Sterwald:

Osiyo. I'm so glad I stumbled on this site! I share so many thoughts and feelings with those who have left messages here! I do not have any proof, but I also know who I am. I am Tsalage! My grandparents and my sister who I believe would have been the most help to me in searching for my history have passed on. When I was younger, I do remember asking questions, especially about my great grandmother, Georgia. My grandmother's name was Myrtle Wood and she married Edwin McClure. I believe they were both part Cherokee. Any mention of Cherokee seemed to cause the conversation to move to something else very quickly. There is a picture of Georgia (Mammy) in her wedding dress, which was made of beautiful white doeskin. I saw myself when I looked at her. I asked for a copy once, and the picture was put away very quickly and I've never been able to locate it since. I feel sad that such a beautiful part of our history was swept under the rug! I think the fact that I resemble a Cherokee more than most of my family made some feel uncomfortable about the fact that I am so interested in that part of our heritage. I was born in Paducah, KY, and all of my family is still in that area, (Paducah, Cadiz, Mayfield, Hardmoney, Symsonia) but I live in Wisconsin with my German husband who wishes he was Cherokee! :-) When I was little, my family took vacations almost every year to go to Cherokee NC on our way to Myrtle Beach. I remember seeing the name "McClure" around there and I wonder if I have family there also. If anyone reads this and recognizes any of these areas or names, I would love to connect with you! quetseli@yahoo.com WaDo!

bev rittenberry:

My g grandmother was full cherokee "Ooten". I also have a g grandfather suppose to be Indian " Ira Cox". Other names are Short, Wolf, Rice, Rose, Sallee.

Rachel Loggins Pressley:

My 7th great-mother was named Dicie East she was an Indian priness (Cherokee) her father was a chief Steven or Steve East. She married my 7th great grandfather John Logan now spelled as Loggins. My great grandfather would not let her put her name on the record of Of Cherokee Indian because He feared for her life. I was told that people wold kill you if you admitted that you were indian at all.But alot of my people are buried at the skitts Mountain Bap. Church in Hall County out side of Gainesville GA. But I have heard that she ( Dicie) was buried in BAnks Co. My grandfather Charlie Jackson Loggins's mother and Father were buried there at Skitts Mountain Church names were Matt and Metilda Loggins . Metilda was a Smallwood before she married. That is all I know about her. My Grandpa Loggins said she was Cherokee. What does that make me? I love my hertiage and would like to learn more about my people I know Iam alot of indian I just can not prove it. Both of my great grandmother on both sides of my family were full-blooded Cherokee Indian. How do I find out about this? I have found out a lot about this in the last few years my grandfather is gone. But I remember him talking about my great-grandmother. Please contact me at liberty5449@peoplepc.com Thanks Ilove my hertiageand would like to know more. thanks ;Rachel Loggins Pressley.




fook mi harder:

i need to find my great aunt shelly mcflurry donalds smith. she used to live in the appalachains but she got lost one day walking through the mountains


I am FULL Cherokee Indian! I don't live in the tribes because whn I was 7, I moved into a house. When I saw the first house in the city along the way to my new home, I completely freaked out! I didn't know what it was. Sleeping on a bed llike that made me feel weird so I slept on the floor the first few nights but I came to liking my house & bed. When I started school, It was VERY weird. When I got to school, everybody laughed at my clothing! I started to cry. The only 5 people that didn't laugh were all girls and made everybody else stop laughing cause they were the koolgirls in shcool. It's probobly hard to think that THEY would be the ones to stop them. But they did. And they showed me everything an amarican in the U.S had to do things in school. And there the ones who tought me how to text and wright! They are my best friends forever!



bob cooper:

I have been searching for a descendant. I am from a gore clan of the cherokee indians. I an the great grandson of Jesse gore from the 1800's. He was from the cherokee indians that chose to slip into east Texas from the trail of tears. I have not been able to locate any ancestor of Jesse Gore. He is the farthest on the family link that we can seem to go. No history of him. I would like to know about the Indians that settled on annacco creek in Louisiana and around the town of Call Texas, near by communities. It would be nice to know of my cheokee and choctaw indian heritage. I know there is cherokee in our blood, but finding proof is becoming harder that I thought it would be. I was told that according to statistics 85% of A+ blood in the united states is the American Indian. About 12% was german descendant.

alton cooper:

I would like info about an Indian from the middle to late 1900's. He was from the cherokee descendant. His name was Jesse Gore and his dad was, I believe was Willian G. Gore.


hello everyone,

I am looking for information leading to a Squire Morrison. he said to have been an indian child either adopted or sold at a young age. according to a DNA blood test my grandfather was told best know relative in the cherokee world would have been a morning star, mookn glow and a sakari.(possibly) Legend in the family always said that Morningstar was the mother of Squire. Unfortunately because of his adoption or purchase, the name he carries is not his real name. I am looking for something, anything to report back to my 87 yr old grandpa who has always wanted to know where he came from. He was born and raised in Kentucky, Boone & Harrison county where Squire lived and died. If anyone know anything about this person please contact me. We are proud to be cherokee, and we just want to sew it into our lives. names he was associated with after adoption or sale were Morrison and whalen. The only information i can find on a morning star is that there was only one on the rolls and she did have 4 children. Husband's name may have been Elizia or Elijia Starr.


Evelyn McCallister:

My husbands Great, great Grandmother was Elizabeth McNeilly from the Huntington , West Virginia area, she was indeed FULL blood Cherokee Indian. McNeilly was her married name. If any of the West Virginian Cherokees had heard of this name, Jeweldyn Ramey was her great granddaughter, Jeweldyn, just died in 1999. If anyone can tell us about the West Virginia Cherokees we would be greatly indebted and thankful. Sincerely, Evelyn McCallister minkyeee@msn.com

jerry wagner:

My great grand mother was full Cherokee. She lived in the Red Clay area of Cleveland Tenn. Her name was Margarett Lawson. She married William Cebuern Wagner. I am trying to find out all I can about her. If anyone has info please contact me at wagner@bellsouth.net

Nathaniel Womble:

I am serching for some ancestors among the Cherokee Indians. I do not have much information.

My great-grand-father is cherokee. His father or mother married an African man. Some of the relatives are still in Rome, Floyd County, area.

My great-grand-father's name is, Marshall Moran. If you can tell me where I can look for this information I would be ever so grateful.

Also, I would like to know how to become a member of the Indian, Cherokee society.


Pebble Oliver (Simmons):

I have just lost my Aunt that is on my fathers side. I was told that my grandmother died when my father was a baby. In 1922, afterwards the three was raised by there father, which was Sol Oliver. I was told that the Indian blood was in Her, which her name was Mary Eliszabeth Gibson, before she married my grandfather.
I was told last week, that she was buried with the Indian tribe family by a creek on a ridge close to Old Lib. church in Lawrence county Ala. I haven't yet been to where she is buried, but I am going in a couple of weeks. I'd like to know more about her and the blood line on this side of my family, on my moms we know that my great-grandmother was half blooded her last name was Beard before she married the Owens. She was from Ark. but, I'd like to know more about the Gibsons side and more about where she is buried, there are two little plots one you have to walk the other is a road close to the Terry Club road, down a peace up on top of a hill. Any info is greatful,
God bless,
Pebble Simmons

linda kay williams:

I have reading all of this information and the feeling of kinship and love and wonder filled my space. I knew my grandma was native american, when i was young she told me the story of her grandparents coming across the cumberland gap and her mother who was 8 was riding on the cart. my father would never admit to being native american and i couldn't understand that when i was young but now i know why we had to hid our great past from even our best of friends. a man at a pow wow ask me why i wanted to be there and celebrate life with the native americans, some half some quarter eight and even as one person put it in one of the pages above a tea cup. As part native american and that is the last time i['m going to say part because there isn't any part of me that is not 100 percent proud to be native american. i've been doing genealogy for several years went to wilkes north carolina and the feeling for many weeks later told me that my ancestors were glad i was finding them. for many years we couldn't celebrate our great heritage now we can. thank you

yellow canary

Rose Poulos:

I lost my Granmother Ethel E. Gunn,thirty years ago. I loved her very much and miss her terribly.her son, my Daddy was a bad achoholic,and died very young. We never learned much about her Cherochee heritage. I hope someone out there can help me learn who Iam. I need to know before I die. My Grandmother was born in Calera, Alabama, last lived in Bessemer Alabama a subberb of Biringham Alabama where our family was raised. Please respone if you can help.


Jenny McMinn Rice:

I am trying to gather information on Sarah Ward? Harp, Sarah Motley or Mary Jane Lewallen.
I know Mary Jane was either Cherokee, Chickasaw or Choctaw. They came from Tenn and ended up in Missouri.
tey did not enroll on the Dawes Roll.

Christina Scott:



I was first mad when i found out that my heritage was an Indian but now it is kinda cool. I wanted to be from Africa so i could do it on my project at school.


my mother is full-blood cherokee and i am proud of my indian blood. i am trying to find outif i may have any indian relatives on my indian side. my mother was adopted, when she was little. her adopted name is; ethel aldean compton; i know she has a sister, but i donot know her name. i talked to her once. and she only talked cherokee. so i had to have her husband translste. me and my twin brother was born in the indian hispital in clinton,okla. our last name is kerbo, father, walter ceicel kerbo. we was born may 05/10/1958 at the clinton indian hospital. please contact me at ;christianjesuslove@yahoo.com


iwas just wondering how come a indian hospital put my full- blood cherokee mother down as white on my birth certificate. i am proud of my indian blood. and don't apreciate them saying my mother is white when she is indian. is ther any way i can get it changed.

Virgil McClellan:

I am 1/4 cherokee My gread maw was full I am trying to get Info on her she was born on the res,I think her moms name was Mattie Hachie or Hachie she lived with her dads brother his name is Ed Harbison I am nit sure how they spelled ther name or the real name I am going on what my aunt said and she is old and cant remember Thanks

Wanda Ostema:

Hi, I am part Cherokee, not sure how much could be 1/4 or 1/3. I know my Greatgrand Father was full Cherokee. I have heard conflicking stories on my Grandfater.Some have said he was half Cherokee & others say he was full blooded also. He never knew his Father & the family didn't like to talk about things..felt you were prying. I would like to know more about my bloodline with the Cherokee & which tribe. My Grandfathers name was William Handsford Byrd, middle name being pasted down. Research on the Byrd name came back of English decent. I am very confused & need help finding out answers. thanks, Wanda Ostema

Robert White:

I,m looking for my father . HE was born in North Carolina in 1920 I think .His name was Wm.Harley Duke.He moved to Florida @ married a lady by the name of Roselena White around 1945. Any information I could get would be appreciated. Send info to psbarker52@yahoo.com My name is Robert White.

Deborah Mitchell:

Hi. I would like to know a little more about my great, great ,great grandma who was a full blooded cherokee indian. Her name was Patsy Collins and she was married to Ira. Together they had a daughter named Margaret(Peggy)Collins. She married Pitts and they had four children; Mandy, William, Casel and Frances. Mandy Collins married Martin Moore and together they had twelve children of which one was Vaughn (sometimes spelt Vone). He came to England in 1944 and met with my grandma who had my father. I believe my grandad went back to the states not knowing about his child. My grandma named him Philip Keith and he took her maiden name of Ooms.
Although my father went to Kentuckey and met some of Patsy's decendants I would still like to know more. I would like to know which of the seven clans she belonged and what her cherokee name would of been. I know that she broke away from the 'trail of tears' and fled to the hills.
My father died this year after having a massive heart attack following a routine shoulder operation. The verdict at the inquest was 'mis-adventure'. he was only sixty two years old.
If any information can be found out it would be very much appreciated.
Thank you
Deborah Mitchell

norma matthews:

Im also part cherokee and im trying to find my ancestors as well.My grandmother was born to Velma Chilcutt and Philander Apple back in 1896.Her name is Effie Apple she also had a brother name Floyd Apple that had moved to Oklahoma im not sure if he was forced to move there from Tennessee where my granmother was born.I have came accross several web sites with alot of information but not that much on tracing ancestors. Effie had married a Hillery in her late teens ,early 20s.If any one reads this and knows any thing please dont hesitate to email me,hhrsmiles@yahoo.com


Hi and hello everyone. I am doing research on my father's matneral side. I have been told by my aunt's and my late father that he had cherokee in him. I am doing research on the follwing names, EVANS and FROST. My father's mother's grandmother was married to a William Frost, he was born in Illinois and his mother was named Matlia and she was born abt 1811 in North Carolina. But the records do not mention his father's name. Does anyone here recognize any of these surnames. I do know that he had some relatives living in Ok when he was a boy, and on the Cherokee rolls there are several Evans and Frost, but most of these seem to lead to dead ends. I would love to hear from anyone whom may recognize the name's above, any possible relation connection?

Thank You,

Sorry to bother you. I am doing a web site for someone that is part Cherokee. I was wondering if there is a Cherokee language word for someone that; communicates with animals or talks to horses.

Thanks, Xen

Sorry to bother you. I am doing a web site for someone that is part Cherokee. I was wondering if there is a Cherokee language word for someone that; communicates with animals or talks to horses.

Thanks, Xen

this page help me alot on learning on the cherokees tribe and it help me alot in school this was a good exrience , i really learn alot and thnxz for puttin this page up i really enjoy learning about the tribe..=]


cherokee are awsome i'm part cherokee

Nixie Kaydine Hurd- Ettinger:

My name is Nixie and I was wondering if anyone knows if my name is anything from the cherokee heritage?
My grandmother passed away before i was old enough to wonder about it. Her name was Nixie Thompson, her family is from Kentucky, West Virgina border.
The family has a family mountain cemetary.
My great grandmother had 14 children, I only remember a couple: Irene, Laura,Thelma and my grandmother Nixie Thompson, Chinn, Stedman.
If anyone can find the meaning of my name I would love to hear from you. nixie677118@yahoo.com

Thank You for reading.

Nixie Kaydine

Brenda Sanchez:

I'm part cherokee & Sue indian.I was always treated different then my brother and sister and as I got older I knew I was different.I didn't find out about my indian background until I was 25 years of age.My dad was part Sue and my mom was part cherokee.I had wound up having a very bad childhood and was very angry with a wild spirit.But because of a young indian who I would say was around the same age as myself, we never spoke a word to one another but it was our spirits that were speaking.It was awsome and I went home and shared it with my grandma and mom at that time I was told I was indian.I am very proud of how I am.I'm at one with all animal life and my spirit is still wild for the outdoors.God has truly blessed the indian people as the indian people have been blessed with a spirit like non other.Oh,by the way I'm still looking for my dad's people. last name Mobert.I had only ment my dad one time before his passing.


Been searching for years and unable to find anything, Tahlequah was no help. I dont want anything just my father to be recognized as a full blood, they act as if I am trying to steal something.


im a cherokee to and i been trying to learn some things about cherokee and i have some quesions i would like to ask u so could u please contact me at


becca simms:

well my grandma is cherokee and i love her and you can tell i have cherokke in me so ya

melissa swain:

I am searching for info on a Sarah Elizabeth Walker (born 1853)or Mary Ermine (Walker) Logan,(born 1885) Mary would be my gr. grandmother. My grandfather, told my father, Sarah was never married to mary's father but he was cherokee indian. My grandfather looked very much like the cherokee people, the dark hair, dark complextion, very high cheek bones, so I don't doubt this info, but I keep hitting brick walls looking!!!My grandfather said he couldn't tell him anymore because those were not great times to be of indian decent, and the family didn't talk about it. This is a heritage I am proud of, but I would be happier if I knew more, or where to even start.

Mary Groeneveld:

I do not know much about my family history but am trying to find out. I just learned my great great great grandmother on my mothers side was a full blooded Cherokee. My mother has old pictures on metal backers of several native americans, one in full head dress. If someone knows where I could find out what it means or how I might find out more about my family history please email me.

Mary G


Hi my name is Chassity,I'm not a full Cherokee but I do have it in me,I'm Black and Indian and I would love to know more about my heritage.My great grandmother however was a real cherokee.So if you could give any useful info it would be greatly appreciated.In my history class I read about the trail of tears and everything and it really upset me.It was just unfair and it really hurts when I read it.I want to take full pride in my heritage and any info would be appreciated


I need information on how to prove my Indain Decent?
My Dad was Cherokee & my grandpa I am told was Full Blooded Cherokee Indain.
Who do I contact about filing for Cherokee Rights?
Getting my family in the Cherokee Indain Bloodline would be great?
Any help sure would be apperciated.
Thanks Birdie54ohio@yahoo.com


hey this is mariah i love all my native family even tho i dont know most of them but im 75% native the rest white and oother stuff but mostly native!?!?!?!?

Jay McGuire:

My Great Great Grandmother was full blooded Cherokee and her last name was Brush. I don't know anything about her. I am only 1/8 Cherokee, but I guess that counts and I am proud of it.


How do I find out if my Grandma signed the Baker Roll?

Hi iam cheerokee from my moma side of the family i know that my great grandmother was full blooded so what does that make me and also my grandmother on my dad s side was half cheerokee so what does that make me all total.im proud to have the cheerokee blood.ive always wanted to be around other cheerokees to learn the langauge.someday i hope to learn it and teach my children and grandchildren keep the tradition alive.fill free to email me at hite7feather@yahoo.com


im wondering if anyone knows anything about the dick tribe?

Taiwana Morgan:

Hi, My name is Taiwana Morgan from NYC & My great great grandmother was Mary Wilson Carlisle from Lanett, AL she was full blooded cherokee. She passed away over 23 years ago @ the age of 104. I have been trying to find out more about our family but have not had any luck. If someone can help please contact me. I think it is so important for our generation to know were we came from

michah cleary:

Im part cherokee . trying get get info on my family . I come from the snow family full blooded cherokee

Johnnie Davis:

I would like to know more about my grandmother, I am told she was full blooded cheerokee indian. My mother has passed away, but she youst to tell me stories of her. For some reason she had my grandmas braids of hair. This sparked my intrest and made me wonder if this was the reason I feel such a connection to the land. I love the mountains, I live in sevierville, Tenn. so I get to spend alot of time there. This is where I am at peace. sence I was adopted ( but later got to know my mother ) Im not sure of the first name, but she married a man who"s last name was ROY. If anyone can help me to know more of her please contact me at tnnana46@yahoo.com

Gwendolyn Y Harris:

I am looking for information on my greatgrand mother Augusat Annie Fowler. She lived on the Reservation in Cherokee N.C. She was a full blooded cherokee. My dad's sister Dorthoy Harris Hankshas told me many times that she and my dad(Charles Elbert Harris(Killed in WWII October 3,1944) use to go and visit her on the reservation. She Married James Benjamin Harris and later they were divorced. One of thier sons James Elbert Harris was my grandfather,and his oldest son Charles Elbert was my daddy. My great grand dad james benjamin Harriis was an arichtect,and he designed and built the first baptist church in Spartanburg ,S.C. Great grand dad and grand mother Harris lived in Union,S.C. just out side of Spartanburg. If any one could help me in finding out more about my great grand mother,you can contact me through my e-mail:harris12759321@bellsouth.net,or write to me at Gwendolyn Y Harris,1901 Woodruff Road,Apartment 7211,Greenville.S.C. 29607-6932
Gwendolyn Y Harris

Teresa Justus:

I have cherokee blood in me and im from Va. I was wondering if you knew where i could find information on the cherokee trip that lived there?

Jennifer Neighbours:

My great grand parents were full blooded cherokee Indians im wanting to know if they were on the rolls the last names are Glenn, Triplett, or Southards, if any one has info please email me at jenneighbs@hotmail.com. Thank you, Jennifer Neighbours

Jennifer Neighbours:

My great grand parents were full blooded cherokee Indians im wanting to know if they were on the rolls the last names are Glenn, Triplett, or Southards, if any one has info please email me at jenneighbs@hotmail.com. Thank you, Jennifer Neighbours p.s. my family orignally came fr tennessee, but i have family in north carolina and oklahoma


i like your info it has helped with me state report

nancy williams:

my grandmom is full blood indain and can u tell me. how found somebody help me in school in cottege and come a member.please help me

toni keeton:

i am of native blood my mother is a true halfbreed which i believe is rare but i do not look it which i find unfortunate i love what i have learned but i would like to meet or talk to soomeone who is like me i have yet to meet another native (cherokee)

Karen Gardiner:

I have enjoyed reading many of the Cherokee websites from the Eastern and Western Tribe. Our family also has ancestors that were Cherokee married to people of European descent. We are not registered, but remember our ancestors none the less. The thing I appreciated most about the Western Tribe website is that they do not engage in general hate of all who are of European descent or "white" people. They understand and remember that not all non-natives engaged in bad behavior. Thomas was adopted and served as a Chief and was a good man no matter his ethnicity. Government leaders made choices and took actions that were horribly wrong, and they will anwer to God for it. However, their actions did not reflect the beliefs of all people. Remember that "white" (I hate that word) people had tribes centuries ago and fought among themselves too as did Native Americans. Many of their beliefs and traditions shared common elements with Native Americans. Now people of European descent often don't know their heritage from the old country and get lumped together as "white". No one should be authomatically discriminated against because of their genetics, which they cannot help. As I have traveled around the world I have seen that we all have more in common as humans than not. Some of our European ancestors were poor and hard working. They got driven off their old country lands by another people, and just because they shared the same skin color didn't make it any less traumatic. Some were traded as slaves from Europe to foreign ports in the Middle East. There are good and bad people everywhere of every nation, every culture and every genetic look. Everyone has done something to someone at some time in history. If it hadn't of been "white" people, it would have been someone else expanding. And a battle among people who were the "same" like Native American tribes, was just as bad as among people who did not look the same. In Hawaii, King Kamehameha was heralded as a great leader who united the Hawaiian islands. But that depends on how you look at it. The other people and tribes he killed and conquered in order to put the islands under one rule didn't think he was such a great guy.

I am proud of ALL my ancestors both Native American and European because of who they were as people regardless of their ethnicity. Wheither we inherited more European genetic looks, or Native American, doesn't matter. We should never forget what happened (in America and across time around the world) in order to assure it doesn't happen again, and we should move forward in peace to build a future for our children.

May blessings and peace be yours.


im tring to find who my grandfarther cherokee indian chief! dont konw his name still looking need help

Thomas Dale Ellis:

i like to see what i got to do to show i am full cherokee and mohawk ?i was sign up at NC grounds by a close friend and i cant find him his name was joe hickman from ohio but i cant find my card they sent me to show i am full indian can you help me get register again .

Judith Underhill:

I am trying to find information about my Cheerokee heritage.My grandmother was full blooded cheerokee indian and my great grandmother was a cheerokee indian princess.Please help.Thank you

tina colyott:

my grt grandmother was a small child on the trail in kentucky when her parents died. it is written that she was taken and raised by a white couple, who later brought her to southern illinois. her name was louisa bell. does anyone know how i can find out more about her?

Pam Morris:

Hi i'm looking for information on my great grandma who is Cherokee. I believe she comes from the Croatan Clan. THe family was adopted into the Aldrich FAmily to keep from going through the Trail Of Tears. Her English name is NAncy Aldrich Morris. her native name is Nane Croatan. I would like to hear from any of the relatives from her family. Thanks a head of time


Hello, My name is Tiki. I am part Cherokee Indian and I am trying to find out some information on my great great great grandparents & their parents. My great great great grandmother was a Cherokee Indian Princess her name is Morning Star Fox(Nancy Jane Fox), she was married to William Frank Austin of Dunville Kentucky. Her father was Jimmy Fox. I believe the family was from Kentucky or somewhere in North Carolina and ended up in Tennessee If anyone has any information and is able to help that would be great! I AM VERY PROUD TO BE CHEROKEE!
Thanks, Tiki

Tonya Bolton:

My great grandmother was full Cherokee. I don't know much about her, only that her name was Lillie Tennesse Pucket and she came from Kentucky. She married my grandpa and moved to West Virginia. If you have any information, please let me know.

Sierra Little Cricket Horton:

Hello,my name is Sierra Horton,im half Cherokee on my moms side.My mom lived on the NC Reservation till she was 5.

My Tsalagi name is Little Cricket,Thunderbird Cherokee of the Red Paint Tribe.I'm 13 years old an I live in Ohio.My mom remebers little of her heritage so i had to find info myself.

I've been reading all those letters an have noticed many saying something about Cherokee princesses.Please note that there is/was NEVER any princesses in the Cherokee Nation.However,many women were respected tribal leaders,counsilors,even Chiefs an War Chiefs.

I traced my family tree back to 1924,an found my great granny's name on the Baker Roll.HOWEVER...I will NEVER,NEVER,NEVER file for Enrollment!!!!

The Enrollment Law is uses quantum blood pedigree to define the existance of "True" Cherokees.The same method used to trace the bloodlines of show dog,horses,an other animals.
Native Americans are NOT animals.

I spit in the US Governments collective faces,an I will spend my whole life in opposition of the dehumanizing,animalistic,an genocide inducing Enrollment Law devised by the US Government as a means of exterminating Native Americans.
I support the Red Nation of Cherokee in this fight.
The Cherokee do not/have never used quantum blood pedigree.If a white man/woman marries a Cherokee,an is accepted an loved by the Cherokee,then that person becomes Cherokee!
This is how it was,an how it should always be.

Thank you'
Sincerely;Usti Tala(Little Cricket).

Info an the Cherokee font for pc,an language links can be found on the website of The Cherokee Nation.

hello everyone, i just wanted to apear here too cause i am too part cherokee.my dad,full blooded(andrew james dukes) i never met before.he has moved on with his life and left my mother with two of us.as i was reading these pages i realized i may be able to find a brother who was adopted at birth.he is a half brother whom my father had with my aunt.my aunt told me about him when i was younger...and just thought..maybe he'll find me.anyways my aunts name was mary juanna panella everyone called her judy she was very young when this happened and was always my second mom and sometimes my only mom thanks for posting it means a lot o yeah he was adopted in norfolk va.i believe love to all tribes and nations and god bless us all

Gladys Newman:

Hello was glad to find this sight. Very interesting. My grandmother told us we full blooded Cherkee Indian.Was to young to ask questions.Surnames are Ramsey,Norman,Needham,and Dalton.If anybody knows anything please let me know.God Bless and keep you. Thank YOU.

lucille lester sellars:

hi, my name is lucille lester from middle ga. i am also 1/4 cherokee .my grandmother was full blooded cherokee but died before i was borned. her name was ida jones, who was from eastern north carolina, if any one knows of her please let me know. thanks.

Leon Patrick Cherry:

To My unknown uncles, aunts, and cousins:

I am the 9th child of Wilma and J.E. Cherry. Both of my parents are now deceased.

My father's mother, Anna, was half cherokee. I only knew her briefly before she died in 1988. I do not believe she registered with the tribe in 1924 because she was a slave on the Cherry Plantation located on the Savannah river.

Growing up I never understood what it meant to be part Cherokee. Most of the white kids always made fun of Native Americans, so I found not motivation to dicover my heritage.

Inwardly, I always held a sense of pride and connection to the Cherokee people. I have always had an ability to know when a person was of Cherokee blood.

I am proud to be part Cherokee, but I am not
proud of what Eli Cherry (my grandfather) and the plantation owner of the Cherry Mansion in Savannah TN. During the 1800's my grandfather raped my grandmother Anna, at will. My father (J.E.) was born out of this.

I am now 53 years old and have had to heal before attempting to connect to my native american roots.

My brother Wilbert played on the University of Tennessee SEC championship basketball team in 1972 or 1973. He was an attorney in Knoxville TN until his death on 08/11/2007.

I am seeking to join one of the clans in Tennessee. I do not wish to die without having made this connection so I can pass it on to my children.

I would appreciate any help in the steps I need to take to accomplish.


LP Cherry


My great great grandma was a cherokee princess. She and her husband met in a forset, and he was hunting and she was gathering food. He was from Irland. Does that make me royality?
If you could help that would be great. her name was sixkill,because in a battle she killed six men.


William Choate:

My family is from the Tennessee and Kentucky area and they tell me that we are part Cherokee. I have been trying to research our genealogy, but so far I am not sure where to look beyond my great grandparents.

Malachy Yisrael:

My father's, Grandfather, Mother is Cherokee, both Deceased, my Grandmother Father gave up the spirit of life(ghost) in 1940's and my Grandmother who I was very close to gave up the god host(ghost) in 1963 they both where full blood Cherokee natives, Her Father left the Reservation with, I believe were 1 son and three daughters, and took the Name Pain, they were panhandling in Washington D.C.; where my Father's, Father George S Johnson(so-called African American) meet them and married my Grandmother who at the was named Audrey Pain and later changed her name to Margie Johnson. One of sister lived in Richmond Virginia but I forgot just where, because I was very young when my father took us there for a visit with his aunt. However, since my Grandfather George S Johnson(so-called African American) have not been able to find out anything else on my Grandmother’s Cherokee history.

Malachy A. Yisrael
praise YodHeyWawHey(Yahweh)

Saundra Bertram:

My great grandmother was Cherokee. Her name was Lucinda Sizemore Roberts. She lived in Corbin, Ky. If any one has information on her please e-mail me.


Sandra Akins:

A ittle over 3yrs ago my late father Andrew(African -American) lester Jackson started telling me some information about what little he knew of his family. He said that he was the youngest of 12 kids born to a Anderson Jackson and a full bloodied Cherokee Indian by the name of Mary Magalene(might be misspelled)( she died when he was 5 yrs old, Aunt Carrie raised him under the married name of Yarbrough). As a youngster I did meet some of my aunts, ParaLee Bryant, Carrie yarbrough Wade, Minnie, Leo or (Leon) Jackson, Ida Seawood(Willie), Dora Mae who was married to Indian(cherokee) Taylor Moore & whose father was full bloodied Indian( the father and son looked exactly alike). Dora had two daughters by Taylor Moore name Susie and Mary.Mary who raised me said she was born like in Memphis Tenn.I believe, and that is where Taylor Moore lived with his second wife Lillian Moore until his death I think in 1976. Anyhow this is one side of my family's tree that I am trying to connect the dots. Some of the brothers of my father left home he said when he was young and they never saw them again. My father Andrew or Lester which most folks called him resembles Chuck Berry, my father, and his brother Leo looked the most alike , they were also very musically inclined and learn to play piano and guitar by ear. According to some old obituatries within the family who were my aunts( father's sisters) some of them came thru Coldwater Mississippi, Shelby, Mississippi and somewhere in Louisana , I think my father said He was born in New Orleans. Also he said they were raised on plantations one being the Denton family . Please leave any information you can at Mommasaun44@aol.com. I thank you in advance.

Bill McCulley:

My g-g-grandmother was full blood Cherokee Indian. Her name was Levicy Dickson. She married Robert Anderson Smith in 1829. We have searched almost every record available but have found nothing for her. She did have a Cherokee Indian name but we cannot find it. Levicy was born in 1808 in GA. She and Anderson were married in GA but we cannot find their marriage record. They had 9 children including my g-grandmother, Mary Jane. If anyone can help, we would surely appreciate any data you can provide.

Thank you,

Bill McCulley


My Dad is 1/8 Cherokee Indian and he was able to prove this by going to the morman church geneology dept. in Utah.
Maybe you can find how your family is conected to the Cherokee threw there extencive family tree files.
LynMarie Hawley





ida brinkley brown:

I've always been told that I a part Indian, and I'm trying to gather information that can prove this.

ida brinkley brown:

hi my name is Ida
My mother's name was Lillie Brookins Reese Brinkley of Hancock Co. Ga.
Mom always told my sisters and brothers we were a part Indian, and I'm trying to gather information that can prove this.
thanks so much


I am interested in finding out more about my Cherokee ancestry. I've been told that my great, great, great grandmother was Cherokee Indian. This would be Henry Hitch's mother but I have no further names going back. Timeframe would be in the early 1800's probably in Kentucky. If anyone has any information about this lineage, I'd love to hear from you.

The only information i have been told is that cherokee comes from my fathers side of the family. I am an eighth cherokee thanks be to my dads father. My dad didnt really get to know his dad because my grandfather=my fathers dad left my grandmother= my fathers mother when she was pregnant with my dad. My father grew up in a house run by his grandmother. Because back in the 60's being a single mother was hard and usually unheard of. My father finally got to meet his dad at age 18. But it was my fathers effort that made his wish come true. My dad flew all the way out to California from kentucky to meet him. My fathers dad had been married and had 2 girls. These were my fathers stepsisters. WHen my father finally got to meet his dad he found out that his dad had parkisons disease, which made my father sad. When my fathers dad died before i was born. So i never got the opportunity to meet him personally. When he died his will said that most of his stuff would be givin to my father. But his stepsisters were conceited and fought with my father in court for there fathers possessions. His stepsisters won. Why,you ask? All because He had married the woman and had kids with her. And my father was an out of wed kid. The only thing my father recieved from his dads will was the uniform his dad had worn in world war 2. I still to this day have never met these stepsister and my father does not want me to. So i figure that there is so much left to learn about my cherokee heritage but so little resources to learn from.

I appreciate that you took time out to make a website like this. Helping people find out a little bit more about themselves helps to make them who they are today.


Tammy Eaton:

I am looking for any information on a Haley America Waters and her sister Edna Iron. Haley America Waters married Jacob Yochum. They are my great-grandparents. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Nancy Wright:

I am also trying to trace my Cherokee heritage. My father was from Briartown, NC, his mother was Olive Ethel Lowery, her mother was Mary Jane Gassoway. Her mother was full Cherokee. I don't know her name. If anyone knows anything about any of these people, please let me know.

Linda Renio:

I'm looking for my birth father whom i've never met .His name is Donny Rowe my mom told me he was cherokee from N.C. he was in the military stationed at Camp Smith in Pearl City in Hawaii.I was born 12/21/68 I really would like to meet him and know where I came from.If anyone could help me it would be greatly appreciated.

Daryl Williams:


I am a resident of Lake Park of Madison (Madison, FL). As the president of the Resident Council, I would like to invite some members of the Cherokee People to come and meet our residents. We are interested in having a presentation of various customs of the Cherokee people. If any Cherokee people in this area are interested in this please contact me via email at: blessed_valley@yahoo.com

Thank you in advance,
Daryl Williams

Fred Brown:

I'm writing this comment for Ruth Brown who is trying to find out some information on her grandmother who was full or half cherokee and lived in Tenn. Her grandmother's name is Minnie Parthenia Melissa Tallent who later married a Ralph Williams I want to thank anyone with some kind of information in advance!


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lee rowden:

My Great Grandfather was 100% Cherokee and lived in Rossville Ga where my mother's fanily lived for decades. Buford Denton, married to Sarah Long also 100% Cherokee. I would be interested in any information regarding this family line and heritage. I recently passed by the small house of my grandparents in Rossville. It is still there, long since sold, about a mile up the hill from the John Ross house, which by the way is in need of some tlc. Thank you.


My mother's mother was Cherokee Indian. My grandmother was Gertrude Chambers. My grand-parents children names were indian names. I looked the name up. I found out from my mothers's sister her mother lived in Tulsa OK I guess through the Trail of Tears. As I get older I want to know more about my grand parents. As a child I never was satisfied with the life style we were forced to live. I feel that so much of my life is missing. Deep down in side of me I felt fenced in a square. I felt the need to be in the open spacees. When I look at my body I can see so much indian. When I was a kid I didn't like to be in the house, I wanted to be out side. When I get excited I speak a language I don't know. I feel the need to spend the rest of my life on a reservation.


Unaga Uwohali:

Hello, This is in regards to Little Crickets post, Thank you Little cricket, The Cherokee Princes does not extist and never has.
People listen to what Little Cricket said, There has never ever been a Cherokee Princes, They DO NOT EXIST.

Little Cricket I join you in your decission NOT to apply for Federal membership, If the Public only new the truth neither would they.
Both on my Parents are listed as Indian on my Birth certificate and that is what matters to me.
White People should be made to Join a White supremiss group to Prove they are White. If Not Why should we have to Prove we are Indian?
I do wish the people on this list good luck in there research.
Unaga Uwohali

denise williams spates:

Hi. My Grand-Father was William Marshall Chandler. He originally was from Chilton County,in Alabama. His father was Joe Chandler and his Grand-Father was Joseph Chandler. Joseph Chandler was known as an 'herb healer' over much of this state and was also known as "Indian Joe". Joseph Chandler was full blood Cherokee indian and as family ledgen reports, came to Alabama about the time of the "Trail of Tears" instead of being forced to Oklahoma. For many years he lived in Chilton County and when he died (over the age of 100) he was not allowed to be buried in the church cemetary because he was not "white". He was buried on the outside of the fence surrounding the church property. My mother, the Greatgrand-daughter of Joseph, remembers seeing him when she was a child. She reports she was a little scared of him because he wore his hair long. It is not known if Chandler was an assumed name or not. It has long been known our family was not all "white". My mother tells of our family hiding in fear when the KKK marched thru her community because of not being "white". If anyone has any info about any of these names, please contact me at: PONDMANDS@HOTMAIL.COM. My Grand-Father, William Marshall Chandler, resided in Hollins and Sylacauga, Alabama.

Wanda Ponshair:

I have Cherokee Indian in my background. My great great grandfather was George Washington Basinger. His wife was Jane Nichols Peters and she was cherokee. I believe it was her Nichols ancesters who were cherokee. She was from Tennessee. Can any one help me. Please email me if you can help.


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