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A Garden Paradise Wedding Chapel

A wedding, whether it's the first time or maybe the second, everyone wants their wedding to be perfect and remembered by all. Many people like to celebrate with pomp and show but some like to celebrate their union, in a little quiet area with friends and relatives. If you find yourself in the quiet category then this website is the perfect place for you to find the wedding chapel for your dream wedding. Check out:

A garden paradise wedding chapel provides you the perfect environment to get married, just as you want your wedding to be. Here is a little white wedding chapel with a small but beautiful garden in front of it. It is surrounded by the wonderful Smoky Mountains and this chapel is situated near Douglas Lake. You can get a lot of options there if you want to enjoy your honeymoon in the peaceful environment of the Smoky Mountains. You will be provided with cabin, chalet or condo rental of your choice and will arrange your wedding day in a very special manner. For details you can call this number- 1-800-891-1832.

The organizers will customize your wedding day depending upon the package you choose. You can choose your wedding setting to be the gold and linen draped altar inside the chapel or the beautiful garden and outdoor location. Everything will be arranged according to your wish and you don’t have to worry at all. They also provide you with a number of services like candle light ceremony or Medallion ceremony or many more to choose from. The costs will vary depending upon the package you select but if you want to have some changes you can talk to the organizer as well.

If you plan to spend your honeymoon in the Smoky Mountains, you can get all the information regarding the cabins and various other facilities. You can even book one of your choices here. The cabins are pretty awesome. You can get further information by sending an email to

The Black Bear cabins have been in this business for nearly 14 odd years and they have a lot of experience in this field and that is seen in the perfection of the wedding settings. Their wedding consultant will provide you with lot of information to make your wedding day more than just special for you. The professional photographers will click picture perfect wedding photographs in different poses before, during and after the wedding ceremony, which you will treasure forever.

During the wedding season, you can also get many discounts on the packages thus making the various packages more affordable for you. There are many special offers that include the traditional wedding music, accommodation of guests, toasting glasses with wine and lot more. It is up to you what you choose for your special day of life. The bridal bouquet or the wedding cake or the reception, all these need not be mentioned as they are automatically arranged.

You can have cabins even for your family and friends and up to 250 guests can accommodate here. If you want the wedding couple to come or leave in style then you can choose the horse driven beautifully decorated buggy to bring you and take you to the honeymoon cottage.

Smoky Mountain Wedding Chapel

If you are in search of some quiet and romantic setting to exchange your wedding vows, then you have come to the right place. This Smoky Mountain Wedding Chapel is a very exciting place to keep your wedding day remembered by all. The wedding chapel is located in The Preserve Resort and was recently opened in September 2006. If you are planning to get married in Gatlinburg, TN or Pigeon Forge or somewhere in that area you can check out the offers and the packages here. Or you will get all the information on this website or you can call up to their customer service on – 888-246-3721.

Many young girls and boys dream to have their wedding ceremony in the romantic surroundings of The Smoky Mountains. Here, you find a variety of affordable packages so that you can satisfy your dreams and get married in the Smoky Mountain Chapel. It is very easy to gather the information and details and book the facilities here for your wedding reception. There are various honeymoon cabins and larger cabins for the accommodation of your family and friends. You can even get the formal wear rentals here, if your not planning on purchasing anything. There are many more services, these you can discuss with the wedding planner available on the site.

Along with a lot of services provided here you could choose from a cozy cabin wedding to an outdoor wedding. The Smoky Mountain wedding provides you with the complete package for a wedding. From the Christian wedding ceremony with a minister, traditional music to the bridal bouquet which can be provided for. Everything is thought of and can be arranged should you need any of their services. You are offered honeymoon cabin rentals and other bigger cabins to accommodate your family members. You can choose any package and completely relax, as the organizers will take care of all the things. There are professiona wedding planners available that will assist you in all the details as per your needs and budget.

For a romantic and special wedding, The Smoky Mountain Wedding Chapel is the ideal place. There can be some sites with similar packages but be careful and visit the correct site and take the advantage of its wonderful services. The Smoky Mountain Chapel is surrounded by natural beauty and you can have your wedding vows in this romantic environment and feel the freshness of Mother Nature round you. All the information you will get on the Home page of their website. Now, if you want to know about the chapel or the services provided by the organization, you can click on the appropriate button and you will be given all the details. It's really very convenient.

The wedding at the calm and quiet Chapel. And the reception celebration, as well as the honeymoon in the cabin in The Preserve Resort will be just perfect for this special day. There are varieties of packages like Smoky Mountain Celebration that includes the honeymoon cabin and accommodates up to 20 guests along with all the basic facilities, the Smoky Mountain Beginning includes the candle light ceremony with accommodation for 30 guests, the Minister, music and all the basic facilities. These are just examples and there are quite a lot of options, so that you choose one according to your need.

Creekside Wedding Chapel

Creekside Wedding Chapel in Gatlinburg, Tennessee provides you with everything you wish on your wedding day. Wedding is an event in our lives that should be memorable and here you will get everything in the plethora of packages that are available. Just log on to the website and you will be provided with all the information regarding the whole wedding plan. You can enter your email address and click on the submit button at the bottom of the page and you will get the tips and specials about the wedding package offers.

The locations for the outdoor wedding ceremony are simply beautiful and charming. If you want to choose the peaceful environment of the chapel, you can arrange and ordder the wedding ceremony inside the beautifully decorated wedding chapel. The chapel itself looks very beautiful especially after the snowfall. You can read about the people’s experience of their own marriage that was celebrated in the Creekside Wedding Chapel. There are various packages offered to choose one from and they include the photography, flowers, video services, reception etc. to count for few.

You can look for the special offers at the time when your wedding is planned and there is a button contact us which when clicked you can satisfy any of your query. You can click on the couples that had their wedding ceremonies organized by the Creekside Wedding Chapel and read what they have to say about the experience they had here. With all the information you also know about the chapel and the organizers. They have even mentioned their policies and the success and satisfaction regarding the wedding ceremony is the most important factor for them.

The organizer will be available to assist you and look after each and every detail concerned with the wedding ceremony. You are also given the directions as to what is necessary in a traditional wedding. They have made their policies very clear so that there is no confusion or last moment hesitation in asking or doing anything. Even the payment and the cancellation policies are also clearly mentioned on the site. You will get full satisfaction because there are no hidden charges and everything is crystal clear.

When you click on the contact button you have to fill in a form with the details of the bride and the groom’s name, the wedding date, what kind of wedding and the celebration you want and your email address. They will send you an email giving you the offers that fit your needs and budget. You will have to fulfill the minimum requirements regarding the ages of the bride and the groom that they should be eligible for the marriage. You will be asked to produce the birth certificates too, of both you and the groom. You can apply for the license and marry within 30 days and you can even marry the same day.

This is a legal site and arranges for only legal wedding ceremony and so it is important for you to produce the documents if asked. You will be provided with the package rates very clearly to select one.

Mountain View Weddings

Just as you open the first page of the website, some images of, just married couples appear and there is a melodious song as the background effect. It is indeed very lovely. All sound to be so romantic and perfect for a wedding environment. Here you have all the options like the home page, the services, facilities etc. and you can click on the button you want to know the details about it. Everything on this site will lead you smoothly and you can follow the instructions on by one.

You just click on the button and slowly and clearly the details will be displayed on your computer and after studying the facilities and services you can either pick up the package that suits you or write to them. To contact the service section you can go to the contact page and here you will be provided with a small form in which you have to write the name and details including the phone number and of course the date planned for the event. After clicking on the send button you can relax and they will send you the detailed information of the facilities you can avail.

They will anaylze your requests and will let you know at their earliest, what package exactly will suit you and be the best for you, as per your requirements. You can also make changes to packages, maybe add or change some things of the package, to suit your needs better. The wedding coordinator will help you with some ideas to make your wedding day more exciting and perfect.

At the bottom of the webpage you will find all the options to be clicked so that to have all the information regarding the wedding ceremony. If you click on the directions, the detailed information of how to reach the Heritage Park will be displayed and you can locate where you are and then follow the directions. If you want to know what the different people want to say about their experiences you can click on the testimonials and the feedbacks are there. Those who have experienced the services of this Heritage Park available on, they are fully satisfied. The service and the staff all are friendly and very cooperative.

Everything will be taken care of and if you only have the bride and the groom with the date you can contact the Heritage Park and the staff here will arrange the whole wedding ceremony including the party. Wedding in the Smoky mountains is in itself a very exciting experience and if the arrangement for the wedding is perfect then you can fully enjoy the ceremony. You can have the professional photographers for the perfect posture and picture along with the beautiful natural environment.

The Heritage Park will provide you with the Minister to perform the wedding and you can have the music on demand. The staff here is well equipped and will assist you in everything. So you can just relax and enjoy your wedding day.

Back home wedding chapel

Back Home Wedding Chapel is located on the foothills of the Smoky Mountains and is the perfect place for a unique, memorable and special wedding day. The beautiful scenery of the mountains, the stream and all the natural scenery will make your memories of your wedding day special and one that will last forever.

The peaceful and tranquilizing effect of the environment will last in the minds of the guests too for a long time. Whether you want your wedding to be performed in a candle lit chapel or in an outdoor location with the blessings of Mother Nature, you can have anything arranged by the Pigeon Forge Wedding Chapel.

The first page of the web site contains all the information regarding the requirements of a wedding day and the packages. From the various packages you can choose the one that suits best to your needs and budget. You can get affordable wedding packages and if you want you can have some changes in it. If you wish your wedding in quiet candle lit chapel with some friends and family members, you can have the romantic wedding performed here. Men who want to have loud music and celebrations at the time they accept the bride with a romantic wedding vow, the wedding setting can be by a sparkling waterfall or the bridge by the stream or just in the beautiful garden of the chapel.

Although wedding is in itself a very special occasion, but if you plan to have your wedding in winter and that too in Pigeon Forge wedding Chapel you will feel that the excitement is on its maximum. Winter and somewhere into spring makes the Smoky Mountains look extremely beautiful and in this wonderful natural scenery. It will be a mindblowing wedding celebration. Just imagine the cozy cabins of honeymoon days after the wedding and the scenes of the mountain from the windows of your cabin and with your sweetheart beside you, you will feel like heaven.

There are so many things to offer that you can call on 1-800-269-7799 and talk to the service provider and know about the packages and the services available right then. You can also visit the site and on the left you will find the home, chapel, packages, license, lodging and lot more and you can click on the button to know the details of the section. There are various packages for wedding ceremony as well as the reception. You can even email them the details of what you want in the wedding ceremony so that they confirm whether or not they will provide you. The email address to be contacted is and you will get all the information you want.

A Wedding in the Smoky Mountains will definitely be etched in your memories for eternity and with the Pigeon Forge Wedding Chapel’s arrangement you will never be disappointed. Those who have taken the advantage of its services have to say that the staff is very cooperative and friendly and does all the work in a perfect manner and systematically. You can even make a theme for you wedding and they will implement it for you.

Christopher’s Place

Christopher’s Place is located near the Smoky Mountains and is a bed and breakfast resort. This resort is an award-winning inn that has much more to offer once you come to spend your vacation here. Christopher's Place Bed and Breakfast Resort is counted among the top ten romantic resorts of America. Along with the romantic location and arrangements in the resort, the site of the Smoky Mountains makes it just perfect for the vacation you have planned. For the newly married couple or those who are planning for honeymoon, this resort will prove to be the ultimate place for a romantic getaway.

You can log on to the website, and collect all the information or get your reservations done by calling (800) 595-9441. As soon as you visit the site you will get a brief description of the resort and its facilities on the home page and all the information can be collected from clicking on the respective buttons on the top of the page. By clicking on the rooms showed on the page you will be opened to the list of facilities provided in the rooms and the detailed description of the spectacular scenes of the mountain that you will enjoy from the inside of the room. The best place to visit the mountains is in springs or in winter.

The facilities provided are unlimited and besides spending time in sight-seeing, you can swim, play tennis or go hiking depending upon your mood. You will equally enjoy the weather and the mountain breeze blowing while sitting relaxed on the rocking chair on the veranda of the Resort. There are lot of places to visit if you are interested like the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge or would like to wonder about in the nearby scenic places. The smoky wild flowers seem to make a carpet of bright color on the mountains during the spring and the winter, which is worth seeing.

You can have a fun filled day with your loved ones or your beloved in the mountains and relax in the warm and cozy bed of your room with champagne and spend the quiet evening. In the Smoky View dining hall of the Resort, a four-course dinner is served in the candlelight for the final touch in your romantic getaway. With music and dance with your beloved and then the candle light dinner, you will feel like staying in the dreamy surroundings forever. At night the mountains are quiet and peaceful and make you feel relaxed and calm your nerves away from the worries and your hectic lifestyle.

If you want to know the details of the packages from home you can write an email on the address and they will intimate you with all the details. On the website the rates, availability and the reservation of the rooms are available and if you want to give the wedding party or plan a honeymoon there, you can either mail them the details or talk to the staff on the number provided.

Chapel at the Park,

Chapel at the park is Gatlinburg’s five star chapel and the most secluded marriages are held here. Also people, who are interested in the quiet and peaceful surroundings of the Smoky Mountains, can plan their wedding ceremony and the honeymoon in this romantic surrounding, where love is felt in the air. The Chapel at the Park is surrounded by the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in Gatlinburg, Tennessee and seems to be the most beautiful one in the area.

The Chapel at the Park Gatlinburg wedding chapel offers you the options of planning the wedding ceremony in the beautifully decorated peaceful chapel for outdoor wedding or Gatlinburg destination wedding or for vow renewals and private Smoky Mountain wedding. There is a long list of packages from which you can choose the one suits your dream wedding style and needs of the family. Everything connected with tradition is provided here and you can even make changes in the setting that has been planned. There are offers different if you book the room or for wedding package on Internet and you can even save a bit in this way.

If confused about how to plan your wedding day celebration, there is a free wedding planner kit that will definitely help you out. Candle light ceremonies, ordained ministers, music, flowers etc are automatically included in every wedding package. You can look for the package and pricing and the special offers on the site itself. Just log on to and you can collect all the information from there. You can even book the package that sound interesting and perfect to you or go through the wedding ideas available on the site. If you want to have more detailed information you can call on 1-800-693-6479 and you can plan your dream wedding.

Professional photographers take the photos because wedding is a very special day for anyone in his life and you just can’t miss any pose at any cost. So you can book the photographer and can even direct him the type of photos you want for your wedding. You will have the benefit of experience and some photos in perfect pose can be taken to be the asset for lifetime. Learn about the chapel, reception, Wedding settings and lot more by clicking on the options on the left side of the home page. Take the help of the wedding planner tools available and plan the perfect wedding ceremony.

The chapel has a beautiful appearance and is pure white in color surrounded by the greenery of trees. It looks really picturesque and you will never be disappointed by planning the wedding there. It has the capability of accommodating 50 people indoors and 70 people outdoors and the romantic atmosphere felt there is not seen in any of the chapels near by. There are garden path, gazebo, bell tower, rustic fence area provided by the chapel for your perfect wedding portrait. Your wedding ceremony will be performed in a peaceful atmosphere away from the noise of the town and cars.

Smoky Mountain Weddings

Smoky Mountain weddings, is a perfect place for beautiful Christian weddings in the Smoky Mountains. The wedding chapel here is very old and with the years of experience they have an excellent reputation among the people. When you log on to their website you come to the home page that has much more to offer. Here you get the detailed information of the wedding chapel along with the packages. The elegantly decorated chapel and the romantic and peaceful atmosphere make it a perfect place to organize your wedding there.

On this website you can choose from the two chapels, Mountain Mist and Smokey ridge chapel. They offer beautiful and romantic cabins for honeymoon couple, fireplaces, hot tubs, heart shaped whirlpools and lot more to exaggerate your romantic feelings. You can call on this number 1-800-893-7274 or 865-429-1440, and know about the packages and book it right there. You will have the ordained ministers who will also assist you in planning your wedding ceremony. Candle lit indoor wedding inside the calm and peaceful atmosphere of the chapel will make you feel the divine importance of marriage. The chapel can accommodate up to 80 guests.

You can plan for a simple wedding reception with some snacks and sweets or a complete dinner with music and DJs. With the whirlpool tubs, hot tubs in the honeymoon cabin you can take the advantage of all the facilities and let your dream come true wedding begin with a most romantic cabin. There are special offers in the winter and if you plan your wedding in winter you have the advantage of the discount packages too. Here you get the reasonable rate and with all modern facilities they are affordable as compared to other offers.

If you have quite a lot of time and you want to write an email to know about the wedding packages, you can write them on or You will be guided that if there is any need for the legal documents you can get it beforehand. If you want to leave your details to let them get in touch with you, you can click on the request information, which is on the left of the home page. They will guide you with the direction so that you reach there safely and without any problem.

You get detailed information of the various packages available and all the facilities that are included in it. You can choose one that suits the number of your guests or the wedding setting you want or the type of reception you have planned to have and so on. The honeymoon cabin is also included in some of the packages and that will be beneficial for you.

It is not a place for just weddings, if you want to spend a vacation and are getting bored with the hectic schedule of the daily life, you can plan it as well. You and your beloved would definitely love to have a getaway romantic holiday and relive the moments that are now just in memories.

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