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Mountains, bears, skiing, fishing, artifacts, recreation, adventure, fine dining and comfort… Where on earth would you find it all in one place? Moreover, every spot is within walking distance! If you are thinking, impossible… try Gatlinburg!

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Plan a wonderful holiday up in the mountains and unspoiled woods, stay at this tiny bustling city in Sevier County, Tennessee. Once a sleepy mountain village, this city has now transformed into a hot tourist destination. With a meager area of 10 square miles and a population of 3500, it is indeed a one-of-its-kind tourist location. What does Gatlinburg have, that draws a crowd…

Gatlinburg is surrounded on three sides by the stunning Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The national park is a natural home to over thousand big black bears. It offers 800 miles of trekking, cycling and horseback trails. Waterfalls, streams, trees, vegetation, birds and wildlife are in abundance. The park is one of the largest protected areas in the United States and also a UN designated Biosphere Reserve. With over nine million visitors flocking to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, it’s no wonder that Gatlinburg has shot to fame!

In spite of being a small city, it offers a range of staying arrangements to choose from. From cozy honeymooners’ hideouts to log cabins, chalets, hotels and motels, there are hundreds of options to choose from. There are hotels known for bear visits, which make them even more popular. There are campgrounds available too. Don’t forget to read through the bear safety tips that the national park offers. Whatever option you choose, one thing is for sure… it’s hard to find something that does not offer a breathtaking view!

Bears are responsible for much of the tourist visits and growth of Gatlinburg. It’s only natural that the city’s symbol is Zeno the Black Bear! Visitors have a high probability of spotting bears, either at the park, or on one of their occasional visits to the city. Of course, bears form a regular feature of the city’s local advertising and you definitely can’t go back from Gatlinburg without spotting one of these!

The largest aerial tram in the United States, with a capacity of 120 passengers, plies a scenic route to Ober Gatlinburg, a unique ski resort and amusement park. The largest independent artisan community lives in an eight-mile loop in Gatlinburg. The Ripley’s Aquarium which has the world’s most spectacular underwater tunnel and over 10,000 sea creatures is also in Gatlinburg. Winter, spring, summer or fall, right through the year, Gatlinburg hold numerous festivals that showcase the beauty, history, culture and tradition of this mountain resort.

This is one place that is always happening, always alive! Tucked away within one of the most beautiful mountains, Gatlinburg has gained popularity for four seasons of family fun, awe-inspiring nature, fine dining, old-town charm and modern-day conveniences. From pancake houses to fast food to fine dining, choice of food is vast. It is an ideal getaway for families. All age groups have something to look forward to.

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