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Cherokee Indian Chief

The history of United States of America is incomplete without the Cherokee Indians. The Cherokee Indians were the native people from America. These Cherokee Indians were tribes famous for their beliefs and their way of style. The term Indian was given to them by Columbus. They lived in small communities that were generally located near the bottoms of fertile rivers. Their houses were made of wooden frames which were covered with saplings and woven wines. After the top of the houses had been filled with all the required substances it was then plastered with mud.



Each village in the Cherokee Indian land consisted of around 50 houses and logs. These houses were made in such a manner that they surrounded the town square. The town square was called as the Council House; it was an extremely important place for the Cherokee indians as public meetings and ceremonies used to take place around this area. The Cherokee Indian council house had seven sides which represented the seven clans. Bird, Deer, Paint, Blue, Wolf, Wild Potato and Long Hair were the seven clans.

Chrrokee Indian Chiefs: Two Chrrokee Indian Chiefs were appointed by each tribe. A Peace chief would counsel the tribe when peace was prevailing in the tribe. On the other hand we had the Cherokee Indian War Chief who counseled the tribe during times of war. However these Indian Chiefs did not have absolute power as the decision were made in a democratic pattern. In such type of decision making every member of the tribe had the authority to voice his opinion. The society was well diversified and extremely interesting, as their society became patriarchal during the winter season and matriarchal during the summer season.

Principal Chief: The Cherokee Nation appointed a person as the principal chief. This title was given to the person who was the Chief executive of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma. He was the most powerful person in the nation and had complete authority to look into matters which require immediate attention. Before he was removed from this particular post, the Cherokee Nation formed a constitutional republic that comprised of legislative, executive and judicial department. The principal chief was selected by the council which was considered as the Legislature of the Cherokee Nation.

After they were emigrated by the United States of America to the Indian Territory and when they were on the Trail of Tears they formed a new constitution. This constitution helped in managing the union of Eastern and Western Cherokee.

The chief of the Cherokee Indian Nation was appointed by the federal government of United States after Oklahoma got its statehood in 1907. It was in 1970’s that time played its role and the Cherokee Indian Nation got to select its principal chief. President Harry Truman was the person who elected the Chief W.W. Keeler. Earlier in the Cherokee Indians history, two American Presidents played a vital role in remove the Cherokee people from their own Homeland. It was the time of Trail of Tears when thousands of Cherokee Indians were killed and some were taken to concentration camps.

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Cherokee Indian Cheif