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Smoky Mountain Taffy Logs – The Village Shops

Not your local candy shop

I started the day meeting with a client in the Village Shops of Gatlinburg. I was in Gatlinburg to consult on some e-commerce and online media development. The meeting went well - Thank you very much for asking. :) It’s so great to work in the field you enjoy and love. The meeting ended positive and just in time for lunch, or some Smoky Mountain Taffy logs and home made chocolate.

After leaving the meeting to get some mow. Yes, mow (pronounced like cow but with a M). Grub. Food. All the same. I passed by a candy shop, ole smoky candy kitchen. I was excited to have some taffy because I hadn’t had any fresh taffy logs since I lived in New York. I watched the taffy being mixed by an automatic taffy mixing machine. We have all seen one of those before. But what was exciting was to see the dozens and dozens of Smoky Mountain taffy logs being cut and wrapped automatically by another machine. Of course this made me hungrier. I had to stop in to get some. Everything in this candy kitchen is home made.

The taffies and chocolate are not like your local candy kitchen. There is so many people buying this ambrosia that the sweets all stay fresh. See that is the secret. Your local candy kitchen has little turn over, so the candy is not as fresh. I ended up getting a box of taffy and a bag of peanut brittle. The have cashew brittle too.

I called the ole smoky candy kitchen tonight and asked if they sell the taffy or home made chocolates on line. I was told that they are not interested in selling online. I don’t know the reason why. Maybe they may be afraid of progress? I bet it could also be too much work. Heck, I’d be willing to help them stream line it and sell it online. If anyone knows why they wo go the internet route let me know. I’d be more than happy to discuss e-commerce with them. I wonder how many people leave the Smoky Mountains wanting more taffy or home made chocolates. From what I saw today they run a tight ship. I got to watch them wrap the individual candies and chocolates between meetings with customers. So many chocolates so little time.

I wonder what all of the other shops are like….Eah…. I had to go get some Mow.


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Tammy Barnett:

I am interested in sending some taffy to someone as a gift. Do you have updated info on products if you are still shipping? Any info would be helpful. Thanks so much.

Tammy Barnett


well i know one thing is for sure the guy making taffy was really cute ans sweet!!! =)

Lance in Iraq:

I am in Iraq and would love for someone to send me some Smoky Mountain Taffy, I go to Gatlinburg all the time, I won't be home till next year and i love the cherry and grape, if someone is interested send me a e-mail for my address. Thanks to anyone

Lance in Iraq:

My e-mail address is forwhlrcr65@yahoo.com for anyone who wants to send me some grape and cherry taffy, I will sent the money back to you. thanks


I always buy some of their taffy and cashew brittle when in Gatlinburg. It's the best in the Smokies. I was looking to see if they sold online when I found the Smoky Mountain Blog. I was sorry to see they don't sell online but it's understandable being such a busy shop.

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